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Vult Freak Filter

Vult Freak is Available for Pre-Order, this means Shipping will start at the beginning of October 2019. I did order mine already and look forward to the shipment in a few weeks. after the first batch of Vult Freak was sold out it has been a long month to start the pre-ordering for the second batch of Freak filters.

Vult Freak simulates more than 12 analog filters (and some digital). Every model was meticulously developed to capture the soul of the original circuit and make it efficient so it simulates in real-time inside this 12 HP device.

Vult Freak Filter Includes

  • Tangents – Steiner-Parker filter containing three different variations.
  • Lateralus – Ladder filter.
  • Nurage – Low pass gate / Borg filter.
  • Ferox – CMOS filter.
  • Vortex – Russian filter.
  • Unstabile – Circuit bent State Variable filter.
  • Stabile – State Variable filter.
  • Rescomb – Resonant Comb filter.
  • Vorg – MS-20 style filter.
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