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Haaze 2 – Brings the Mono Signal to Life




Haaze 2 a Pro Stereo Tool by Klevgränd

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Klevgränd Released Haaze 2

Klevgränd released Haaze 2 for Mac/Windows (AU/VST/AAX) and iPad (AUv3 plugin – Haaze 2 for iPad is to be released very soon (posted for review by Apple)). Your ears assist you to recognize and restrict the position of a sound source in a very complex way. So what about headphones? Headphones are nice. But they don’t provide a natural environment (space) for your ears. This becomes clear when you’re mixing with mono signals in headphones. No matter how you pan, it still doesn’t feel like a natural positioning. The result is still very mono, and our ears don’t like that.

The recently upgraded Haaze 2 from Klevgrand is an elegant solution to all this. Haaze is a plugin that allows you to widen and position any audio signal to make it feel natural, understandable and pleasant for the ears.

Basic concepts

Haaze is a 16 band stereo widening tool for controlling stereo width and spatially positioning an audio stream. It can utilize three different methods:

  • Haas – Adds a small delay to the left or right audio channel which will make the listener believe the sound arrives from the side that’s reaching the ear first.
  • Pan – Alters the gain level on one of the audio channels. All 16 bands can be panned separately, so this method is quite similar to the common “split eq” function in various equalizers.
  • MS Stereo – Controls the output stereo width on each band, from full stereo to mono.

Haaze 2 Internal Processing Order

Haaze 2 Internal Processing Order
Haaze 2 by Klevgränd

Haaze 2 Features

  • 16 independent frequency bands
  • Haas: Control the delay between L/R on each band
  • Pan (Split EQ): Pan each band L/R
  • M/S: Control the width on each band
  • Gain: Compensate the gain level on each band
  • Draw mode, for easy plotting out the adjustment curve that you want
  • Lots of presets for helping you to get started
  • Stereo width meter + Level meter on each band

How Haaze 2 works

Haaze splits the audio signal into 16 frequency bands. On each band, you can delay the left or right signal, pan it to the left or right, or adjust the overall width on that band. This makes the panning sound more natural. Haaze can also diffuse a mono signal and make it wider. Haaze ships with many presets that will help you to get started. It sounds great both in headphones and loudspeakers, and it has great mono compatibility

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