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The Bible of SALSA by 8Dio

8Dio traveled to Cali, Colombia, the self-proclaimed ‘World Capital of Salsa’ to record the most in-depth Salsa collection ever produced. Along with stellar musicians and surrounded by the amazing energy Latino artists have, 8Dio spent months recording what would become this jewel that is ‘The Bible of Salsa’. 

The Bible of Salsa: Volume One Content

Volume One contains thousands of rhythmic patterns, improvised phrases and multi-sampled phrases in unison specifically tailored towards Salsa music and its many, many sub-styles including Timba, Guaracha, Bolero, Boogaloo, Guaguanco, Yoruba, Columbia, Salsa Choque, Slow Salsa, Fast Salsa, and Plena. Over the last two years, 8Dio has worked with professional Salsa musicians sampling everything you need to create authentic Latino music.

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