C Quencer DLX a Eurorack Sequencer and Oscillator

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 25 September 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

C Quencer DLX Sequencer & Oscillator by Centrevillage

C Quencer DLX is ultra multi function sequencer. There are various sequencers in the world, but most of it places great importance on reproducing the sequence data entered in advance. And this is what Centrevillage’s Eurorack Sequencer aims for. C Quencer DLX ​is a new idea module that can immediately generate a progression of musical rhythm and pitch with just knob operation.

Preset Rythm

16 rhythm presets are available in real-time with the knob. The factory preset is Euclidean Rhythm​pattern.

C Quencer DLX Features

  • 1 cv/gate output
  • 1 oscillator output ( two oscillators mixed output )
  • External trigger sync
  • Clock trigger output
  • Multi-function 16 touch keys
  • Multi assignable mod input
  • Parameter recording
  • Preset save & load
  • Scale quantizer
  • Pattern transform (pitch range, pattern randomize, pitch shift)
  • Pitch slide, vibrato, overshoot
  • 4 waveform for oscillator1 and 8 waveforms for oscillator2
  • Oscillator2 phase shift
  • Oscillator2 pitch offset
  • Step range ( start step and last step )
  • Swing
  • Changeable gate length
  • Pattern randomizer ( pitch pattern & trigger pattern )
  • Pitch & trigger pattern edit
  • Scale edit
  • Midi in/out by midi expander module ( under development… )
C Quencer DLX

Quantizer Based Sequencer

The elements that make up the Quantizer Based Sequencer​are four parameters: pitch pattern (Pattern), pitch pattern shift (pattern shift), pitch pattern range (pattern range), and scale quantization (Scale).

The pitch pattern is like a low bit LFO with a length of 16 steps. Adjust the range and adjust the shift amount for the pitch pattern, then decide the pitch by passing through the Scale Quantizer.

Wavetable Oscillator

Like the 80’s vintage digital synth, it has a Wavetable Oscillator that is rough at the low bit (12 bit) and has a presence different from the smoothness of the analog oscillator. There are two oscillators (OSC1​, OSC2​) that is possible to mix waveforms.

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