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NEO Sound Design Effect Plugin

Neo (Affiliate Link) by AngelicVibes is a new effect plugin to allow you to shape easily your sound to the vibe you need.

  • Inspiring unique design with a smooth workflow
  • 70 presets for different instruments and genres
  • Customize and build complex edits to any sound or track

Nine high-quality effects coming together in a single plugin. Allow Neo (Affiliate Link) to help you shape and transform your sound and inspire new ideas.

Most multi-effects plugins give you great sound. NEO (Affiliate Link) offers more – yes, it’s got the basic effects like a filter, equalizer, reverb, compression, drive, delay, stereo, and chorus, but the key to this unique plugin lies in its innovative sequencer and playing engine. This perfect fusion of each plugin helps you develop ideas fast, creates results you wouldn’t think of otherwise, turning the simplest ideas into strong arrangements for your tracks.

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NEO (Affiliate Link) is available now at an introduction price, there is also a demo available to download here (Affiliate Link).

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