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Orchestral Tools Sale

Native Instruments runs a special sale which is valid from September 23 until October 6, 2019, You can leverage the special offer at the Native Instruments online shop. For full details of the sale and special offer see here.

Find inspiration with intricate symphonic instruments from Orchestral Tools. Save now on three joined libraries, each excellently matched to accommodate a distinct mood and style. Or if you’re looking for that lacking piece in your composing collection, pick up each the included instrument at half price.

Orchestral Tools produces instruments to awaken your spirits. From suggestive variations of shade to growing tides of sound. Get huge economies on Orchestral Tools vast professional-standard libraries.

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Three Special Bundles Up To 63% Off

Three Special Bundles Up To 63 Off

Two highly related quick composition tools, a boundary-breaking cinematic duo, or a powerful, percussive approach to composing – choose from three special bundles: Berlin Orchestra Inspire 1 & 2Metropolis Ark 1 & 2, and Metropolis Ark 3 & 4. From the panoramic detail of Berlin Inspire to the brooding strength of Metropolis Ark. Each bundle is now up to 63% off.

Each Individual Instrument 50% Off

Each Individual Instrument 50 Off

Mix and match the instruments you want for half the price. Choose your library from the Berlin Inspire Collection, Metropolis Ark Collections, or be animated by the alternative, textural flourishes of Time Macro. Each 50% off.

Individual Inspirational Instruments Included


Time is a vital ingredient within music, and Time Macro gives you three adjustable articulations to shape it in vibrant ways. Draw-out long sustained textures, convert dynamic swells and perform rhythmic, clock-like patterns for strings, brass, harps, choirs, and more.


A vast orchestral notepad perfect for laying down ideas and melodic phrases fast. With remarkable results. Featuring a full orchestra, ensembles, soloists, percussive essentials, and more. Let your ideas progress with this one.


Berlin Orchestra Inspire 2 takes the fast workflow and in-depth detail of the original and adds an atmospheric, emotional twist. Based on individual orchestral sections, solo instruments, and melodic orchestrations, you can capture a wide range of moods instantly.


Bold, beautiful, and monumental: Metropolis Ark 1 will flood your creativity. Metropolis Ark 1 is perfect for trailer composition, this huge orchestra also contains a guitar section, percussive ensemble, choir, and much more – giving you a sound that will leave your listeners clinging to their seats.


True power comes from the lower dynamics. This is where Metropolis Ark 2 draws its strength. Get lost in the lower levels, which when pushed to their limits, deliver a new depth of intensity. It’s time to submerge yourself in the darker side of the scoring.


From a ferocious roar to low, distant thunder, this percussive blend stirs up the perfect storm. Teaming orchestral upbeats, extreme crescendos, and cluster stabs with taikos, toms, snares, gongs, cymbals, and much more – hope your eardrums are ready.


Metropolis Ark 4 concentrates on small yet blistering chamber sections that create a high energy, over-the-top articulations, covering overblown winds, overpressure strings, power legato, and more. These exaggerated sounds will send shockwaves through your tracks.


The Producing Company Orchestral Tools has long been a staple of the professional film scoring world – if you’ve seen a blockbuster movie in recent years, you’ve almost certainly heard their work. The company is known for a growing collection of innovative, expressive orchestral instruments crafted from meticulous recordings of globally-renowned musicians at the famed Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin.

Savings described here are calculated on the basis of the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP).

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