AAS Ultra Analog VA-3

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 26 September 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

AAS Ultra Analog VA-3 aims to be a unique and powerful synth that is fast, easy, and remarkably versatile. Applied Acoustics Systems has streamlined Ultra Analog and brought it to a whole new level.

AAS Ultra Analog VA-3 includes with the new release a Two-Voice Multitimbral synth engine with a new ladder-type filter, the multi-effects module now sports reverb, equalizer, compressor, tremolo, & guitar, amplifier processors, new enhanced musical filter and the brand-new browser offers an efficient way to home in on the sounds you’re looking for.

Here are some of Ultra Analog VA-3’s new features:

  • Home view—the Home view presents a distraction free and laid-back browsing and tweaking experience.
  • Two-Voice Multitimbral—Two independent timbres—stacked or split—create performance-friendly, texture-full, and spacious sounds.
  • Macros—Four performance macros per layer that respond to user-defined MIDI controls. Each and every sound features modulation, timbre, envelope, and effect morphing assignments that can be played in real time for enhanced expressivity and sonic dimension.
  • Browser—The brand-new browser offers an efficient way to home in on the right sounds thanks to the Packs, Sounds, Categories, and Creators views.
  • Factory Library—Ultra Analog VA-3’s factory library contains 500 never heard before sounds as well as refined versions of the 800+ Ultra Analog VA-2 presets.
  • Ladder Filter—Ultra Analog VA-3’s multi-mode modules now star a brand-new ladder-type filter for that classic low- pass response

Two-voice Multitimbral

Ultra Analog VA-3 combines two independent timbres—stacked or split—to create performance-friendly, texture-full, and spacious sounds that are sure to make a good impression.

ultra analog va 3 two voice multitimbral 2x


Ultra Analog VA-3 holds a large range of effects in three independent racks. Reverb, delay, distortion, phaser, chorus, flanger, filters, equalizer, compressor, guitar amplifier, tremolo—all assist in putting the final touch on a sound.

ultra analog va 3 effects 2x


With 1200+ carefully selected and created presets covering all the synthesizer sound categories, Ultra Analog VA-3 offers an excellent starting point for your next track. The available ecosystem lets you expand the sounds and presets even further. There 15 commercial Sound Pack for you to purchase adding up to more than 1800 presets to spark your creativity.

ultra analog va 3 browser 2x

Special Introductory Pricing

Until October 22, 2019, everything Ultra Analog VA-3 is offered at special introductory pricing—as follows:Ultra Analog VA-3 plug-in US$149 (50$ off)
Ultra Analog VA-3 +PACKS bundle US$299 ($100 off)
Ultra Analog VA-3 Upgrade for Ultra Analog VA-1 and VA-2 users US$39 (50% off) Ultra Analog VA-3 Upgrade for Ultra Analog Session users US$49 (50% off)
All String Studio VS-3 sound packs US$19 (50% off)
Ultra Analog VA-3 +PACKS bundles the Ultra Analog VA-3 plug-in and 15 additional sound packs.

About Applied Acoustics Systems

Applied Acoustics Systems (AAS) was founded in 1998 and is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As a privately-held company, it specializes in software-based synthesis tools for professional musicians and sound designers. Since releasing Tassman, the first virtual instrument based on physical modeling, AAS has come to be recognized as the industry leader in this exciting new field of synthesis. They are Canadian, you just have to love them,

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