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PlexiTape update brings new key features

PlexiTape (a software plugin) is a true analog shaped simulation of the *Maestro® Echoplex® EP-3™ vintage tape echo that made THE SOUND of the ’70s. Think about this plugin a software version that provides you with the well known sound character of selected echo devices for your mix. If you are looking for the vibe and want to add audible warmness and saturation to your track or mix take a look at the demo.

Audiority PlexiTape – Hardware Used

Plexitape Specifications

  • Analog Modeled Vintage Solid State Tape Echo
  • Auxiliary Echo with Echo Pan for full stereo effects
  • 3 Echo Modes: Echo, Off (Preamp + Tape colour only) and Sound On Sound
  • 2 FET Preamp models: Early and Late
  • 2 Playback Modes: Regular (with Varispeed) and Sync
  • Varispeed from 3 to 15 IPS
  • Echo Tone equalizer
  • Delay Ducking
  • Machine Age
  • Tape Erase
  • Internal hum noise (fully adjustable, for increased realism and self-oscillation)
  • Resizable interface

With the September 1.1 update of PlexiTape several exciting new features like Delay Ducking, Machine Age, and Tape Erase have been added.

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