Goodhertz updates Plugins to Version 3.5.0

Goodhertz has been working hard to enhance their plugins! From brand-new audio features in CanOpener, Vulf Compressor, and Wow Control, to brand-new visual features across the entire suite, Goodhertz has been optimizing and updating. To download version 3.5 immediately, go to Goodhertz downloads page. And here’s a breakdown of everything that’s new and improved

CanOpener Upgrades

CanOpener Studio’s gotten a serious upgrade: HQ Mode, Safe Gain, Dither, Volume Compensation, and overall algorithm improvements, all in a free update.

CanOpener 3.5.0

Dark Mode

Love Goodhertz plugins but like to keep the lights low? Goodhertz got you covered. All Goodhertz plugins now have a dedicated “Dark Mode.” You can enable Dark Mode by right-clicking anywhere in the plugin and heading to Preferences > Dark Mode.

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