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Lo-Fi Vibes an Expansion Pack for RE4ORM




Lo Fi Vibes cover

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Lo-Fi Vibes – 52 New Sounds By Seasoned Sound Designer Adam Petruszko

The Lo-Fi Vibes extension for RE4ORM produces the nostalgic, soothing sounds, but with a slightly darker and sometimes dissonant vibe. Thanks to drifting synths stab, acoustic modeled percussion, mellow leads, floating pads, ambient effects and more. Lo-Fi Vibes patches bring an ever-evolving palette of timbres to your producer toolkit.

This pack is perfect for creating lo-fi hip-hip, vaporwave, trip-hop, ambient electronica, as well as a range of dance styles from dub and melodic techno, through the deep house to darker tech genres. A lot of the sounds will also fit perfectly into cinematic sound design, for scoring contemporary suspense TV series and movies.


Lo-Fi Vibes is available for as low as $10.

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