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sonicLAB releases EnVBot an advanced ADSR plugin





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sonicLAB Rethinks ADSR

EnVBot is an audio plugin, an enhanced ADSR envelope which accentuates the intensity/amplitude of its input but also can be attributed to external gear as a signal.

  • Construct AttackDecaySustain and Release parts with unique GEN modulation sources
  • Distribute the EnVBot clients on multiple DAW tracks with their own behavior
  • Multi-channel audio inputs will be operated as individual instances and modulated
  • Mono, Stereo and Quad inputs are accepted. 

EnVBot offers a powerful time-domain modulation system which influences each Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release sections separately. It offers many constant and discrete types of likelihood distributions and standard waveforms to build a single waveform. 


With the shared audio plugin architecture of sonicLAB, you will be able to trigger a complete fleet of DAW tracks together in real-time with your parameter controls on the EnVBot server interfacing with EnvBot clients on other tracks.

This shared control data working as a modulator amongst all the existing EnVBot’s opens a wide range of creative possibilities for your production.

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