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  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 2 October 2019
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Cohesion – The Collection Released

Audio Plugin Deals proudly presents its debut product COHESION (Affiliate Link). Weighing in at just under 15GB, this insane collection contains over 11,600 tempo-synced loops that cover all realms for seamless music production.

COHESION by Audio Plugin Deals

For the first time ever, Audio Plugin Deals is releasing a brand new product: a solid, versatile collection of loops spanning just under 15 gigabytes. It features 11,600+ of these loops across a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, drum kit, pop vocals, saxophone, trumpet, cello, flute, and even a couple of unique ethnic string instruments! If you find that you’re missing a certain something in your tracks, or maybe even looking for an element of uniqueness, COHESION (Affiliate Link) could be a great place to look for inspiration.

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While most loop libraries include drums and percussion primarily, you will be pleasantly surprised at the diverse collection of melodic orchestral, acoustic, vocal, and ethnic instruments at your fingertips. All of these tempo-synced Wave loops can easily be dragged into your DAW of choice to bring your music to life instantly.

COHESION by Audio Plugin Deals

Each instrument contains loops in a multitude of keys and tempos, which gives it a great level of flexibility. The loops are provided in 24-bit WAV format, and you’re given direct access to them upon download. This gives you the option of loading these up into a sampler engine of your choice or even just chopping them up and processing them to your heart’s content.

If a loop library of this size ever existed, it would be offered at a much higher price point, Audio Plugin Deals guess even above 1.000 USD!. At this low introductory two week price of $99.99 (Affiliate Link), you are paying around half a penny per loop.

Instruments Included

Acoustic GuitarPedal Steel Guitar
CelloPop Guitar
Eastern PercussionPop Vocals
Electric PianoRock Drums
Fretless BassSixties Guitar
Funk GuitarTrombone
Indie Pop GuitarTrumpet
Muted TrumpetUpright Bass


  • 11,600+ Loops
  • 24-bit / 44.1 kHz uncompressed WAV format
  • 15 GB required disk space
  • Variety of instruments including guitar, bass, drum kit, pop vocals, saxophone, trumpet, cello, flute, and even a couple of unique ethnic string instruments
  • Perfect for a wide range of musical genres, including Rock, Pop, EDM, Ethnic/World, Country, Jazz, Funk, Classic Rock, and more!


Originally $499.99, COHESION (Affiliate Link) is now available at an introductory price of just $99.99 for a limited time only – you save $400! This is an amazing offer you should not miss! After completing your order, $20 will be instantly added to your Rewards Wallet which you can use for any product in The Shop.

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