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FOIL – Tape Pieces Vol. 1

Tape Pieces Vol. 1 represents the first in its series — a collaboration between composer Chris Child (Kodomo) and sound artist (Puremagnetik owner) Micah Frank. 

The EP began with a question: “How can we move away from Puremagnetik’s familiar tools that govern the structure and precision of creating loop-based music?” While the DAW offers virtually limitless control, it can also be stifling, leading to predictable working methods and results.

The answer became apparent through Frank’s four-track cassette recorder. The two decided to use the four-track as the main recording mechanism, creating tape loops in the studio from a few hand-played synths, a Rhodes, and a piano.  The loops were naturally asynchronous due to the lack of control over time and tempo. 

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The tape loops were then layered and re-recorded through effects pedals, building up a slow, hypnotic mass of sound.  The artifacts introduced from the tape-shaped the sound of the pieces, giving them a warm and nostalgic quality. Frank and Child also made use of their time field recording in and around Portland, weaving the ambiances into the music. Both artists were inspired by the landscapes, light, and slowness of the environment.  

High Bias Cassette Tape featuring artwork from Bryan Graf. Only 100 copies are available! The first 25 sold will ship with a 10.5″ W x 13″ L poster print featuring the cover art “Swamp Things” by Bryan Graf. All poster prints will be signed and numbered by the artist and by Chris & Micah.

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