Puremagnetik Compendium X | The Complete Sounds Collection on SALE

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 4 October 2019
  • Time to read: 4 min.

SALE on Puremagnetik Compendium X – Save over 50%

Get every sound library Puremagnetik has ever made! Over 30 gigabytes and over 100 instruments.

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Compendium X includes over 40 classic analog and digital synth libraries, over 10 drum and percussion sound sets, film and soundscape libraries, vintage electric pianos, toy, chiptune, circuit-bent effects and much, much more… All ready to play on your desktop in Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic formats.


Normally $300, get Compendium X this week for only $139 and save over 50%

Included Sounds

Aleph I | The Alpha Juno Library Part 1Analog Synths
Aleph II | The Alpha Juno Library Part 2Analog Synths
alphaSynth | Apple ][ and Alpha Syntauri Music SystemsGlitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
AmpPak | Audio Annihilating ProcessorsAbleton Effect Racks
Analog Automata | Boutique Modular LoopsAnalog Synths
Analog Bass Volume 1 | Serious BottomAnalog Synths
Analog Bass Volume 2 | The Bad Bass of a KORG MS-20Analog Synths
Analog Bass Volume 3 | A Trio of Low End LegendsAnalog Synths
Analog Drums | Modular Kits and BeatsDrums & Percussion
Archmachine | 1970s String SynthesisAnalog Synths
Artifact | Digital Machine MalfunctionsGlitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
B-System | Analog Atmospheres of the Buchla 200eAnalog Synths
B-System | Basses and Leads of the Buchla 200eAnalog Synths
B-System | Percussives of the Buchla 200eAnalog Synths
Baritron | The Saxophone of the FutureFilm & Soundscape
Bender | Electrically Modified Goodie BagGlitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Big Bertha | Custom Electric BassGuitar & Bass
Blip | Epic Atari SynthesisGlitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Circuit 30 | The Genius Electronics of MoogAnalog Synths
Comput0 Beats | The Rhythms of CsoundDigital Synths
Comput0 Synths | Powerful Csound SynthesisDigital Synths
Console X | Classic Electronica for the Modern StudioDigital Synths
Console Y | A Supercharged Ensoniq ASR-X LibraryDigital Synths
Console Z | The ASR-X Library Volume 3Digital Synths
DeeEx | Step Into 1983 SynthesisDigital Synths
Devil07 | A Circuit Bent 707 Drum MachineDrums & Percussion
Digital Beatboxes | The Drum Machines of an EraDrums & Percussion
Digitar | Casio Guitar, Hacked and BentDigital Synths
Eight Bit | The SID Chip of the Commodore 64Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Elektrodrum | An Elektron Machinedrum for LiveDrums & Percussion
Esqone | An Ensoniq ESQ-1 at your FingertipsDigital Synths
FM Drums | Drums and Percussion of the DX7Drums & Percussion
Frequencizer | A 914 Filterbank for Ableton LiveAbleton Effect Racks
Grainscapes | Granular Sound Design ExperimentsFilm & Soundscape
Guitar Rack Vol. 1 | Stratocaster Guitar LibraryGuitar & Bass
Guitar Rack Vol. 2 | Stereo Acoustic Guitar LibraryGuitar & Bass
Guitar Rack Vol. 3 | Hollow Body Guitar LibraryGuitar & Bass
GuitarMachine | A Guitar-based Sound Design ToolboxGuitar & Bass
Hackshop | A Circuit-Bent Arsenal of Diabolic GizmosGlitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Harpitron | A Suzuki Tronichord, Modernized.Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Harpsikord | A Flexible Improvement on a Classical InstrumentKeyboards
HarvestPak | Fun in Chaos with this Harvestman CollectionAnalog Synths
Infinite Spaces | An Odyssey in Space and SoundFilm & Soundscape
Jax | The Epic Sounds of the JX-8PAnalog Synths
Jolt | Ableton’s Operator, RechargedDigital Synths
Juice | An FM Injection for Ableton’s OperatorDigital Synths
Juniper Part 1 | Otherworldly Analog from the Jupiter SeriesAnalog Synths
Juniper Part 2 | Cosmic Sounds of the Jupiter SeriesAnalog Synths
K-Station Atmospheres | The King of Additive SynthesisDigital Synths
Kardoni | The Spirit of an ARP Omni Mk2Analog Synths
LadyVox | Multi-sampled Female Voice InstrumentVocals
MalletPak 1 | Wooden Marimba, Intricately EngineeredDrums & Percussion
MalletPak 2 | A Pristine Vibraphone InstrumentDrums & Percussion
MalletPak 3 | Stonaphone and GlockenspielDrums & Percussion
Mark One Brooklyn | Electric Rhodes Circa ’75Keyboards
Mark Two Berlin | Das Fender Rhodes, Arm aber SexyKeyboards
Metalsphere | Soundscape Toolbox for Film and GamesFilm & Soundscape
Microdrum | Quick, Electronic Drums for Ableton LiveDrums & Percussion
Microtron Tape 1 | Mellotron Brass, 8 Voice Choir and StringsKeyboards
Microtron Tape 2 | Mellotron Flutes, Cello and Octave RecordersKeyboards
Microtron Tape 3 | Mellotron Clarinet, French Horn and Glenn MillerKeyboards
Model-C | Twang & Bite of the Famous ClavinetKeyboards
Model-T | Funky and Mellow Hohner PianetKeyboards
Modular Patterns | Melodic Analog PhrasesAnalog Synths
Mysterium | A Laboratory of SpookinessFilm & Soundscape
Onda | Fictitious Instruments of Another WorldFilm & Soundscape
Opus | Classical Voices à la MoogAnalog Synths
P-50 Linear | A Mega ’80s D50 SynthDigital Synths
Paragons | Immense Sounds, Epic InstrumentsFilm & Soundscape
Phazeform Vol 1 | A Tribute to Casio Phase DistortionDigital Synths
Phazeform Vol 2 | Exemplary Phase DistortionDigital Synths
Phonik | Sounds of the Lush Paraphonic 505Analog Synths
PitchSwitch | Repitch and Reshape Anything in Ableton LiveAbleton Effect Racks
PM Grand | Immaculate IvoryKeyboards
PM-200 | Wurlitzer 200A in Hi-ResKeyboards
PM-70 | Yamaha CP70 Electric Grand PianoKeyboards
PM-8910 | Intellivision Chip Sounds for Lo-fi ExplorersGlitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Pocketone | A 1980s Toy Keyboard DuoDigital Synths
Punchpak | The Synth of the Nintendo Entertainment SystemGlitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Purple Kit | A Custom-Built Maple DrumsetDrums & Percussion
RackPak 1 | Beat Choppers, Time Warpers and MoreAbleton Effect Racks
RackPak 2 | Outlandish Effects for Ableton LiveAbleton Effect Racks
RackPak 3 | Warped Effects and Beat ParsersAbleton Effect Racks
Realistik | A Circuit-Bent Concertmate 360Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Retroputer | An Elektron Monomachine for Ableton LiveDigital Synths
SixVoice | The Legendary PolySix SynthesizerAnalog Synths
Skatik | A Hacked and Bent Casio SK-5Glitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
String Machines | The Golden Age of String SynthesisAnalog Synths
Synbotik | Retro Additive SynthesisDigital Synths
Synth700 | The Analog Magic of a MiniKorg700Analog Synths
Technosphere | Dark Textures for Film ScoringFilm & Soundscape
TeeBee | The Original Acid BassAnalog Synths
Teex | Monster FM Synthesis of the TX81ZDigital Synths
Thump Machine | Kick Drum & Bass DesignerDrums & Percussion
Toybox 1 | Toys, Gadgets and DevicesGlitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Toybox 2 | Noisemakers, Speaking Devices and Plastic GizmosGlitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
TrapKit | A Vintage Ludwig, MultisampledDrums & Percussion
Ultrakord | An ’80s Omnichord, ModernizedGlitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
Upright | A Beautifully Programmed Double BassGuitar & Bass
Vector | A Wavestation in Ableton LiveDigital Synths
Vespine | Insane Sounds of the EDP WaspAnalog Synths
Vintage ’80s Classics | Experience the Oberheim MatrixDigital Synths
Vintage Organs Vol 1 | Funk, Rock and Jazz OrgansKeyboards
Vintage Organs Vol 2 | Farfisa, YC-30 and MoreKeyboards
Voculon 3000 | A Retro-Futuristic Vocal MachineVocals
Voltbox | Toys Gone HaywireGlitch, Toy & Lo-Fi
VoxBox | Vocal Sound DesignVocals
Wavebase | Modular Morphing WavetablesDigital Synths
Waveframe | Transwave Synthesis of the Ensoniq FizmoDigital Synths
Zodiak | 100% Moog BassAnalog Synths

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