Triple Spiral Audio’s Beautiful Void Audio Sale

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 7 October 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Beautiful Void Audio Sale

All the libraries are on sale for 30% off and the Halflight Sampling Collection is on sale for 60% off.

Beautiful Void Audio features the sound design of Erick McNerney, an innovative sound designer from the “Great Lakes State” of Michigan, USA. Erick grows on experimentation and has an unnatural gift to extract musical sounds from unique sound sources.


Headphase packed with 1323 custom made samples inspired by Beautiful Void Audio love of nostalgic sounds. Each sound is controlled in many ways and blended to create sonically deep and lush textures. Headphase has picked Beautiful Void Audio inspiration heavily from the Boards of Canada pallette hence the name.


Chordscape is an ambient infinite tape playback machine designed to create evolving modulated dark ambient soundscapes.


Tempus is a dual voice Granular instrument inspired by the audio space where tempo becomes pitch and pitch becomes tempo. There are 500+ sound sources in Tempus, and you can combine any sound source with any other.


Seurat is the first instrument to use Beautiful Void Audio’s AGRA engine (Advanced Grain Recombination Architecture). Essentially this is a highly-customizable granular synthesis engine, used across the two complementary voices.

Autumn Choirs

This library contains dusty & dirty drones and textures. You are able to create interesting rhythms, pulses, sweeps and much more by only using the morpher.

Chord Organ

Beautiful Void Audio found an old worn out, out of tune Magnus Chord Organ, and turned it into a unique Kontakt instrument which goes far beyond its original intent. These sounds can be useful for a wide range of genres, including ambient, synth, cinematic, comedy, horror, science fiction, vintage, and more.

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