Sci-Fi Explorations Vol. 1 Released

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 8 October 2019
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Gregor Quendel released Sci-Fi Explorations Vol. 1

Sci-Fi Explorations – Vol I is an experimental collaboration between Gregor Quendel and ARC Noise.

Sci-Fi Explorations – Vol I features 546 creative sci-fi sound effects, alien textures, ambiances, drones, space cities, deserted crystalline caverns, vast hives of digital insects, distressed metal impacts, abstract user interface sounds, transitions, and more.

Sci-Fi Explorations Vol. 1 Features

  • 546 24bit/96kHz WAV files / 700+ Sounds / Meta-tagged (Soundminer)
  • 104 Alien Textures
  • 46 Harmonic Textures
  • 30 Simple Textures
  • 50 Ambient Effects
  • 108 Chaotic Effects
  • 93 Nano Effects
  • 38 Organic Effects
  • 77 Transition Effects
  • 90 Minutes in total

Created with synth equipment (Mutable Instruments, Intellijel, Doepfer, Erica Synths, Make Noise, Arturia, Expert Sleepers, 2hp, Ladik) recorded into an Emu E5000Ultra Sampler, then processed digitally using a variety of techniques and high-end effects.


Sci-Fi Explorations Vol. 1 is available directly here. There is also a free version available.

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