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The SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds!

VSL most modern segment of the Synchron Series is here: The SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds! VSL completely remastered and re-edited the samples, optimized it for their new Synchron Player and added authentic placement in the Synchron Stage.

You will get production-ready sound out of the box, with different presets included. And you can disable the included reverb, in case you want to add your own reverb to the dry sound.

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This collection brings twelve of our acclaimed and widely used solo woodwind instruments to Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna. For creating this beautiful library, our large team of sound editors invested one year of intense work into re-creating a perfectly balanced and pristine-sounding sample database that lives up to the high standards of our SYNCHRON-ized libraries.

SY ized Woodwinds English Horn EQ 1042x777
The SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds!

SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds

  • Completely re-mastered and re-edited sample database
  • Optimized for our new Vienna Synchron Player
  • Authentic placement in our Synchron Stage Vienna, one of the world’s best-sounding scoring stages
  • Production-ready sound, out of the box
  • Crossgrade prices for users of the corresponding VI Woodwinds Single Instruments and Collections, and SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions

Included Instruments

  • Piccolo
  • Flute 1
  • Flute 2
  • Oboe 1 (French)
  • Oboe 2 (Vienna)
  • English horn (French)
  • Clarinet (Bb) 1
  • Clarinet (Bb) 2
  • Bass clarinet
  • Bassoon 1
  • Bassoon 2
  • Contrabassoon

Availability and Pricing

Introduction price: 255€ instead of 345€. You will get a discount, depending on the VSL collections you already have. Go to the product page and make sure that you are logged in to see your upgrade price!

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