Lovesick – Sensual RnB and Soul Vibes

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 9 October 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Lovesick – Sensual RnB and Soul Vibes

Origin Sound proudly presents its newest addition, Lovesick. Dripping with sensual RnB and Soul vibes, this mouth-watering pack is full of all the essentials you need to make the next hit.

Light some candles, dim the lights and get moody when you start exploring through the sounds of Lovesick. Begin by checking out the 200MB folder of airy female vocals. This massive collection of vocal loops and one-shots is a vital tool for any producers looking to get their hands on professionally recorded RnB vocals. There are a fair few outstanding vocal sample packs in existence, but not many captures a modern RnB and Soul feel like Lovesick does. The vocals folder houses full phrases, chopped up lines, delicious adlibs and is ready to be used in any way your heart desires. Whether you throw a full phrase right into your project or toss a chop into your sampler, the possibilities are endless.

808, Synths, Guitars

Perfectly complementing the vocal loops, the music loops cover all the colors of the modern RnB spectrum. Lovesick is packed full of smooth pitch bending synths, manipulated chops that sound sampled, chunky 808s that pack up that bottom end, dreamy textured plucks, unique guitar synths and song starter loops that provide a full picture of how the individual elements can be combined. Each music loops also comes accompanied by a matching MIDI file, so each sample can be customized and altered.

Lovesick Content

  • 120 Drum hits
  • 45 Drum loops
  • 15 Bass loops
  • 15 Chord loops
  • 16 Melodic loops
  • 33 Vocal loops
  • 15 Song starter loops
  • 20 Vocal one-shots
  • 30 808 one-shots
  • 30 SFX

No RnB groove is complete without drums that keep punching the song to life. Filled with drum hits and loops that could pass as samples from contemporary artists, these samples are a must-have for any producer. Drawing on a trap influence, these drums would also suit other laid back electronic genres. Lovesick is packed to the brim with 15 drum loops, 15 extra percussion loops, and 90 drum hits.

To top it all off, the pack also houses an SFX folder full of juicy extras and a folder full of professionally produced bass and 808 shots. Lovesick has the tools you need to set the right mood for any modern RnB or Soul track.

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