This Pack is Fire

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 9 October 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Trap and Instrumental Ingredients

Origin Sound is stoked to bring you a new installment in our line of professional beat making toolkits. ‘This Pack Is Fire’ provides a flammable bundle of all the trap and instrumental ingredients required to ignite your studio session and get the creativity burning at full blaze.

Start exploring ‘This Pack Is Fire’ by sifting through the extensive and eclectic music loops folder. Packed to the brim with over 100 sounds that will instantly get the creativity flowing, the pack is teaming with all the tools you will need to craft world-class instrumentals. Whether you are in need of chunky bass stabs, thick and booming 808s, the eighties styled synth progressions, soulful and poppy chord plucks, hard chord progressions that will make you beat absolutely pop off, misty morning sunrise flutes, or melancholy analog leads, the melodics folder will have something for you.

The folder also contains a highly advantageous song starters section, full of combination loops that contain melodics, chords, and basses. These combination loops are the perfect place to hunt for inspiration or learn how our professional producer is able to blend these different elements together.

  • 120 Drum hits
  • 40 Drum loops
  • 20 Bass loops
  • 40 Chord loops
  • 40 Melodic loops
  • 20 Song starter loops
  • 40 Music one shots
  • 30 SFX

After rinsing through the music loops, dive headfirst into the comprehensive drum folders. Equally as important as having a good melodic hook and booming 808s, a solid drum groove will bring life to a beat. ‘This Pack Is Fire’ is overflowing with hard-hitting and punchy drums. With over 60 loops and well over 100 drum hits, this top-shelf delivery will provide all the materials you need.

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