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ES-9 is in Stores Now

The ES-9 is a Eurorack 16-in/16-out USB audio interface, with DC-coupled inputs and outputs that can be used for both audio and CVs.

With its balanced 1/4″ main outputs & headphone socket, it’s the perfect one-stop solution for integrating a modular synth and a laptop/tablet, either in the studio or when playing out at a gig.

image 17

The ES-9’s 14 analogue inputs allow simultaneous tracking or mixing of a large number of sound sources in your modular, while the 8 DC-coupled outputs are perfect for controlling the modular with Silent Way, Max/MSP, Ableton’s CV Tools, Bitwig Studio or similar, or for sending audio out to the modular for processing. As the older Model ES-8, the devices show up in your macOS DAW as an audio interface. Overall the routing from your DAW or VCV Rack is extremely easy.

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The ES-9 is in stores now, for example at Signal Sounds in the UK. I ordered mine from the lovely Signal Sounds team.

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