Falcon 2 a Big Update – 30% off Sale

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 11 October 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

UVI’s new and enhanced flagship hybrid instrument has taken off!

I would argue that Falcon version 1 and now version 2 is one of those best-kept secrets in the composer community as many of us use Kontakt or one of the many available synths and miss out on this robust tool that has excellent usability and remarkably forceful when it comes to the features possible with this tool. For more on Falcon 1 see our Falcon By UVI – Review.

Falcon 2 Enhancements at a Glance

Falcon 2 now features 16 oscillators, 90+ effects, 11 modulators, dozens of scripts including sequencers, analyzers, harmonizers and utilities, over 1,000 handcrafted presets, 500 wavetables, MPE controller support, microtonal tuning, native multichannel audio up to 10.2 channels and more. The new version is available immediately and is free for all existing users.

Falcon 2 adds the brand new Additive oscillator, an easy-to-use additive oscillator inspired by classic subtractive synthesis with additive twists like partial stretching, frequency shifting, fractional-order filtering, even/odd harmonic control, continuous morph from square to saw and more; new effects such as Tape Echo, a recreation of the famous ‘70s hardware tape delay. SKF, a circuit-modeled second-order single op-amp nonlinear Sallen-Key lowpass filter; Formant Crusher, a screaming lo-fi take on formant filtering; updated Redux effect with an entirely redesigned algorithm for analog bit-crushing; a new Parametric LFO modulator, giving parametric control to shape, symmetry, pulse width, and swing; multiple new script-based sequencers including Euclidean Tonal, Euclidean Drum, and the featured 8-part X0X-style Drum Sequencer; 150+ new wavetables and 100+ new factory sounds.

As well, Falcon 2 adds many quality-of-life updates such as the new Modulation Quick Menu, improving usability of complex patches by providing easier navigation of modulators; and User Templates for keygroups, allowing users to create their own keygroup starting-points in addition to the factory Synth and Sample options.


Additive oscillator, FM support in the Wavetable oscillator have been added plus improved IRCAM Stretch, FM, and Pluck oscillators.

We’ve added cothe Additive oscillator FM support in the Wavetable oscillator and we’ve improved IRCAM Stretch FM and Pluck oscillators.

New & Enhanced Modulation Sources

A new Parametric LFO and improved the Multi Envelope modulator to allow creation with MIDI and audio sample drag-n-drop.


New & Enhanced Effects

Tape Echo, Sallen Key Filter, Formant Crusher, Track Delay, Digital Filter, Digital EQ, Frequency Shifter, Rotary, Phasor, Phasor Filter, Diode Clipper, Thorus and new effect racks such as Fuzz4 and MaxMS. UVI in addition advanced Redux, 3-Band Compressor, Dual Delay, Xpander Filter, UVI Wide, and Tilt.


New MIDI Processors

New are event modules using the Script Processor such as Step Sequencer, Euclidean Drum and Euclidean Tonal sequencers, Chord Bank, Range Limiting, MIDI Delay, Velocity Remapper, and added support for AnaMark tuning.


Enhanced Workflow

New functionality and optimizations have been implemented such as Favorite tagging, user interface scaling, Search tab in the right panel, and MPE devices support.


New Sounds And Wavetables

Hundreds of factory presets, wavetables and even exclusive presets from Expressive E and dedicated MPE presets have been regularly added.


Covering both synthesis and sampling techniques, Falcon now allows unlimited instancing of 16 state-of-the-art oscillators, over 90 effects, powerful modulation generators, fully-scriptable MIDI processors and much more.

Availability and Pricing

Falcon 2 is a free update for existing users. The easiest way to update for me using the UVI Portal.

UVI Portal to Update to Faclon 2
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