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Unicorn Boom – a Eurorack Compressor and BassDrum




UB A4 005

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UNICORN BOOM is now available. The module is a discrete BassDrum and Opto Compressor.

The vendor describes its β€œprimary function is a homage to the legendary 808-Kick (discrete circuitry) augmented by a vactrol-based, opto compressor. Most of all it’s designed to be hacked, bent and modified to enable you to shape your very own signature kick boom!β€œ

Availability and Pre-Order

The Compressor and Bassdrum Module is solely available as an assembled module by birdkids. birdkids is an Austrian tech startup company, based in Vienna, which designs and develops electronic Musical Instruments and Human User Interfaces.

You can preorder an assembled module of UNICORN BOOM Rev.2.1. The preorder is for the 4th Batch β€” REV 2.1 (December 2019 dispatch). Watch the β€œn in Stock” to see how many modules are left for pre-order. The company designs manufacture using hand-assembling and hand-calibrating in Vienna, Austria. That may explain why they have limited batches available.

UNICORN BOOM Front slided

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