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Loops de la Crème launched MULTIMONO DRUMS

MULTIMONO DRUMS is a small gritty drum kit with a wide range of rare and tasteful sounds. Recorded using the ‘one microphone for the whole kit’ technique, only this time with 4 contrasting microphones.

Loops de la Crème and Julien Tauban

Loops de la Crème is a sample library company founded in 2011 by Julien Tauban. The company was launched with the release of the Clap Pack on a Bandcamp website (https://loopsdelacreme.bandcamp.com). Fair prices, focused sample packs, unique instruments, and premium sound quality all helped loops de la crème rapidly achieve cult status in the sample industry.

Born in 1977 in France, Julien Tauban started playing keyboards at the age of 9. He quickly moved on to programming, recording and composing, and started to play drums, guitars, keyboards and bass during his teenage years. 

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loops de la crème’s CEO Julien Tauban

Deeply in love with music, curious about all instruments and recording tools, Julien started to travel when he was 17, and he acquired rich musical and human experiences in studios, stages and radio stations in America, France, the United Arab Emirates and lastly in Austria. He is currently working as a freelance composer, musician and producer in several studios in Vienna. Julien is also active as a sound designer: He is the CEO of Loops de la Crème, OP1 Essentials, and he also provides samples for major sample companies in the industry. 


Use the 4-channel mixer to create your own unique sound, easily add authentic saturation and compression, and instantly get perfect grooves at the press of a key!! Raw, dusty, and a little wild 🙂

Montage Microphone Setup
  • 1 Kontakt instrument + 13 nki sound presets
  • Creative sampling technique with 4 ‘mono’ mics
  • 4-channels Mixer offers endless sound variations
  • Realistic sound with up to 18 velocity layers and scripted Round-robin
  • 12 tempo-synced rhythms (funk, rock, jazz, reggae, bossa, world…)
  • 586 samples (mono WAV, 24bit, 48kHz)
  • 20 custom IR reverbs
  • Total size uncompressed: 283MB
  • full Kontakt 5.3+ required!!!
  • list price: €24,- (+VAT for EU customers)
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