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Knorr Released a Bass Vitalizer

Klevgrand released KNORR. This new plugin wants to bring the low end of the frequency spectrum to life. Knorr, a bass vitalizer plug-in effect is available for iPad (AUv3) and Mac
& Windows (AU/VST/AAX). The effect plugin has been designed and developed by Klevgrand, a small studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Knorr is a plugin that adds intensity and sharpness to a monophonic low-frequency audio source (like a bass). The algorithm adds overtones to an existing sound in a way that isn’t possible with ordinary distortion or filtering.

When mixing, the bass track is often a challenge. We end up compromising between “more bass” and “better balance”. There are some methods for dealing with this: Using distortion, filtering, or/and multi-band dynamics.

Knorr Features

  • The unique algorithm that adds overtones to the original sound in a way that can’t be done using other bass-shaping methods.
  • Three different intensity levels for the algorithm.
  • X/Y-pad for finding your tone in no time.
  • Good for all monophonic instruments within the bass – low mid-range.

Knorr appends energy and sharpness to a monophonic low-frequency audio source. The different algorithm enumerates overtones to a present sound. The developer claims that this isn’t possible with ordinary distortion or filtering. Running bass through Knorr should make the bass more defined and powerful. The Knorr Algorithm utilizes a mixture of filtering, amplitude, and frequency modulation to treat audio. The effect can be used on a monophonic sound source as long as there’s audio content in the low mids (and below) available.

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Knorr is available at an intro price directly at the developer site. You can get purchase the iOS version at the App Store.

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