Elixer: The Lost Tapes!

Elixer: The Lost Tapes! It features 40 instruments (most are multi-sampled, some very heavily), and 23 sound fx and dialogue sources from old public domain film (many of these are multi-sampled as well). GUI and engine were done by Glyn Lloyd of Divergent Audio Group.

Inspired by

The sounds were inspired, more or less, by Boards of Canada. In general, the goal was to create nostalgic sounds that have character and feeling.

Elixer and the ‘Motion’ engine was developed by Divergent Audio Group with Erick McNerney providing the wonderful sound design elements contained therein.
Please note: The FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above is required – Not for Kontakt Player.

Availability and Pricing

Elixer: The Lost Tapes is 20% off for the next 2 weeks:

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