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8Dio launches Century Artisan Brass: Euphonium




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Playable with each and every note considered and introduced with care and emotion. The unique Century Artisan Brass proffers playability that assists to get the composers job done quickly. This first part highlights six Euphonium players lovingly sampled in 96kHz with in-depth tempo-synced articulations and eight microphone perspectives, all housed in our advanced intuitive user-interface.

8Dio Century Orchestral Series

The 8Dio Century Orchestral Series is the definitive state-of-the-art collection of hyper-realistic orchestral instruments. Century continues to represent our most significant leap forward in hall based orchestral sampling to date.

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8Dio also announced a Century Artisan Brass Cimbasso & Flugel Horn which should be released soon as well.


Effortlessly playable with each and every note deliberate and infused with care and emotion, the brand new Century Artisan Brass offers playability beyond words and a sound to rival even the most demanding situations.

Artisan Brass Euphonium features a unique and custom arranged ensemble of 6 expert Euphonium players. Built from only the best musicians hand-picked and sourced from across the European continent.

Advanced Intuitive User-Interface

The Century series is housed in a familiar, easy to use, yet powerful user interface, which offers a variety of advanced options to assist you in your musical expression. From deep microphone and mix options, dynamic, speed, and release tail controls and the very latest in our Chaos Effect post-processing. All elegantly available at the touch of a button.

Natural Legatos

Artisan Brass Euphonium offers natural legatos that truly characterize the flow and essence of each instrument. Such as a selection of Arcs, which move smoothly and organically through the dynamics, allowing you to infuse emotion and depth into your music effortlessly. The aim and soul of Century are to give comprehensive authenticity with fluent playability. These fully host tempo synchronized articulations allow you to play uniquely accurate phrases that perfectly fit your composition.

Century Artisan Brass: Euphonium Features

  • Realistic Custom Euphonium Ensemble
  • 5.26 GB compressed (9,920 Samples)
  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
  • 6 Player Euphonium Ensemble
  • 8 Microphone Perspectives (Mixed, Close, Decca, Wide, Far and independent Spots)
  • Easy access to all articulations via a custom browser
  • Control over dynamics, release tails and stereo mix
  • Tempo Synced & Measured Articulations
  • Built-In Chaos Effects
  • Product only available as a Direct Download
  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.8 (or later) Required

Pricing and Availability

Century Artisan Brass: Euphonium is available now at an Intro Sale Price of $68 (Goes $148 Nov, 15th 2019)

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