Metamorpha is a series of focused sample libraries. The libraries are produced from original recordings of a bigger library, which are then turned into something totally new and different or with absolutely unique content like a sampled Mini Harp, Glockenspiel, Zither. The principal purpose of Metamorpha is pure: Let the instruments encourage you.

Sound Aesthetics Sampling

Sound Aesthetics Sampling is behind this new series of instruments. The boutique company is a focused team of sound designers and composers, bringing you inspirational and easy to use virtual instruments and sounds for NI Kontakt. All sample libraries Sound Aesthetics Sampling is producing tend into a “cinematic” direction from really lush and wide pads to thundering percussion ensembles or expressive solo instruments as well as a lot of sound designed elements.

Allmosphere Playthrough Thumb


Metamorpha was born from Sound Aesthetics Sampling upcoming library Broken Bells which will also be released very soon in collaboration with Erick McNerney. The original recordings were bell sounds, either bowed or simple hits. Sound Aesthetics Sampling warped the sounds, manipulated them heavily to create totally unique and helpful atmospheric instruments from that.

Listen to the first demo Sound Aesthetics Sampling wrote and you can see how you can use the Presets and the raw sounds to create full tracks only by taking advantage of the lib. Only some further Sounddesign inside my DAW has been done.