Zero Point Oscillator (ZPO) – Not your typical VCO

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 21 October 2019
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Zero Point Oscillator Available Soon

The Zero Point Oscillator is not your typical analog VCO or even your standard Thru-Zero FM VCO for that matter. The core of the ZPO was developed through countless hours of experimentation involving Through-Zero modulation techniques. Through-Zero FM is a form of frequency modulation that produces much deeper and useful FM tones than a typical VCO can accomplish.

Zero Point Oscillator (ZPO) Features

  • Discrete Triangle Core
  • 8 Direct Waveform Output, including:
    • Sine
    • Triangle
    • Pulse
    • Saw
    • Octave Up Saw (Upsaw)
    • Hybrid Saw/Ramp/Sub (RipSaw)
    • Even Harmonic (Even)
    • Sub Harmonic (SUB) with two Octave Divisions
  • 3 types of PWM:
    • Edge
    • Center
    • Hybrid
  • LFO Mode
  • Lock Tune:
    • Tunable Pitch Control lockout for easy interfacing with sequencers and hardware
  • Unique Sync circuit, works with any waveform
  • 3 voltage controlled waves shaping outputs
  • Linear, Exponential or simultaneous Lin/Exp Through Zero FM
  • TZFM can be switched off for typical FM effects
  • Ring Modulation
  • Integrated MOSFET Soft Start to protect your modules and PSU
  • Ultra High Quality Design Incorporating Discrete Components and Burr-Brown Op Amps Throughout.

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