Delta CEP A Version 1.5 released

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 23 October 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Delta CEP A Firmware Update Version 1.5 Available

New Version 1.5 Features

    The [SHIFT]-button can be locked to reach additional parameters more easily. Simply push [SHIFT] to lock the [SHIFT]-function. The LED flashes until the SHIFT function is unlocked again. You can unlock the [SHIFT]-button by pushing it again.
    The DELTA CEP A now reacts to program changes. Be careful with program changes. If the unit receives a program change during your sound editing, the changes will get lost.
    The Mixer MOD Input now controls the volume and saturation of the Oscillator signal.
    The LFO SYNC Input now works fine and allows for synchronizing the LFO to another LFO or to GATE signals. Remember: Hold [SHIFT] to access the synced note values of the LFO with the rate knob.
    Added a Stereo Reverb Algorithm to the Delta CEP A FX engine. This new effect can be added to the already implemented FXs. So you can, for example, add the Reverb to the Tape Delay or to the Chorus FX. In the section below you’ll find a detailed description with the parameter mapping.
  • Internal LFO Routing
    The LFO can now be assigned to different modulation targets without using any patch cables. That allows for assigning the LFO modulation to multiple targets simultaneously with independent modulation depths for all targets.
  • Internal EG routing
    The envelope generator can now be assigned to different modulation targets without using any patch cables. Multiple targets can get controlled simultaneously with independent modulation depths.
  • Morphing extended
    The already very powerful morphing function benefits from the new routing capabilities. The internal routings can be morphed! Explore a new dimension of dynamic soundscapes. Sure – the Reverb parameters can be morphed as well.
  • Reset all modulation routings
    Sometimes you want to reset all internal modulation routings with a simple task. Hold the [EG/GATE]-button in the VCA section and tap onto the [WAVE]-button to set all modulation depths of the internal routings to zero.

Download the new version now directly here.

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