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Orchestral Dust 1.5 Updated Released




Orchestral Dust 1.5

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Orchestral Dust updated to Version 1.5

Channel Robot announces the immediate availability of Orchestral Dust 1.5 for Kontakt 5.8.1 ( The paid and full version of Kontakt is required.) See our Orchestral Dust Review – an Orchestral Underscore and Pad Instrument by Channel Robot for more on the legacy version 1.0.

Orchestral Dust 1.5 adds the following:

– A new wider, more spacious GUI layout
– Simplified granular controls with intelligent parameter management to allow faster access to usable and useful sounds
– A tweaked AGRA(granular) engine to be better suited to the orchestral sounds contained here
– The addition of 4 effects slots per voice, with each slot populated from a set of 20 different effects.
– 90 new convolution spaces
– Additional “Octave Models”
– Assignable CC for swell and fade control
– “Walk” function for ever-changing output.
– Voice Browser with select-able “favoriting”

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