Review of Ascend Modern Grand by Heavyocity

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 23 October 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Ascend Modern Grand Review

Heavyocity launched a new a wonderfully sampled Model D concert grand piano and transferred the sparkling sound into their potent Ascend engine. There are many Heavyocity libraries that have been unique and leading like the recently released Mosaic Keys & Mosaic, or previously published libraries like FORZO, Scoring Guitars 2, Scoring Bass, NOVO and Intimate Textures Novo Pack 01, NOVO PACK 02, Novo Pack 03 and so much more. If you do own other Heavyocity libraries this one fits just right into the sound pallet of the Heavyocity vibe. Heavyocity did send a review copy with no strings attached.

ASCEND is the incomparable 9-foot Concert D, reimagined. Recorded in stunning detail at a historic NYC studio, the Heavyocity team chose to deeply sample this specific grand piano because of its outstanding warmth, depth, and detail. This is the cinematic composer’s opportunity to play one of the finest pianos Heavyocity has ever heard.


In the tradition of Heavyocity libraries, you want to use the snapshots to learn more about what this instrument can do for you. My recommendation is to go through the snapshots first to learn how this piano boosts your creativity. This piano offers so many tones and vibes, the snapshots get you started to understand what this one can do.

If you like me you may have a gazillion piano libraries and always look at new ones with a skeptical eye and what it really brings to the table that makes the Kontakt library different from the rest.  I love pianos with a cinematic & intimate character and I found it and more in Ascend.

ASCEND Modern Grand snapshots

The flexibility of the Ascend piano and its possibility to shape its tone and vibe allows you to completely do your entire underscore with this piano.

ASCEND: Modern Grand Features

  • Rich Concert D Grand Piano, Captured in Stunning Detail
  • Creative Prepared Piano Articulations including Twine, Ebows, Brushes, and Chains
  • Beautiful ppp Performance Captured for Emotional Cinematic Composition
  • All-new ASCEND Engine Creates Truly Inspirational Canvas
  • 47.8 GB uncompressed (23.3 GB on Disk with NI lossless compression)

Sampling the Piano

HEaviocity recorded a Concert D piano with 18 different dynamic layers per note. The company also recorded a pass of “ppp” piano that you can load as an alternate option for a really intimate sound. On top of that, you have access to different microphone positions.

ASCEND Modern Grand Instand scary Chill

ASCEND was recorded in beautiful detail at a historic NYC studio. This particular grand piano was hand-selected by the Heavyocity team for its outstanding warmth, depth, and detail. Loaded with a world-class selection of vintage and modern microphones, the team once again partnered with acclaimed Film Score Mixer Satoshi Noguchi. This time to bring the legendary Steinway sound into your studio.

Rating: Five Out of Five Stars

Ascend Modern Grand fits naturally in your next epic orchestral cinematic track composition. You can use Ascend as we cinematic and emotion driving piano telling a story or pushing the audience to a new emotional roller coaster ride. Ascend Modern Grand offers very unprecedentedly and original piano and hybrid piano vibes. Ascend Modern Grand is simply astounding and helps you to tell the story of the director when you compose to picture. When you assume that there is no need for another piano the Ascend Grand launches and the excellent sound tell you that Ascend is amazingly awesome.

Ascend Grand is very flexible, beyond a piano and blends easily into the Heavyocity product family and other libraries on the market.

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