SB01: Analog Synthesizer of the Future launched on Kickstarter

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 23 October 2019
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Superlative Instruments launched the Kickstarter

Iconic sound. Machined aluminum construction. Rechargeable power. All in the thinnest analog synthesizer ever designed. All is the target for the Kickstarter project of Superlative Instruments. Superlative is building electronic instruments for the next generation of musicians. Picking up where the golden age of analog synthesizer design left off. Superlative is building electronic instruments for the next generation of musicians. We believe that the best in electronic instruments is yet to come. If you are interested in the SUPERLATIVE SB01 (SPACE BEE) youcan back it up now.


SB01 legendary analog soul

While the SB01 is a new form of synthesizer, it may sound familiar to many–our inspiration was one of the sonic engines that laid the foundation of electronic music. We worked with Open Music Labs to create and carefully hone a 1:1 version of the signature circuits that bring it to life.

A 3340 voltage-controlled oscillator feeds into a 4-pole OTA filter that makes for an iconic and unmistakable sound. Make it snap and sing with responsive analog envelopes, modulation, and portamento, or bring in external CV for deeper VCO and VCF control.

SB01 Blown up

Could we take the sound of an analog legend and reimagine it for the future? The answer–after years of development–was the creation of the SB01 analog synthesizer. An instrument that puts classic sound in a modern package and adds a number of essential upgrades.

SB01 Technincal Specs
SB01 Connectivity
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