Filter Threek 13700 a Filter for Eurorack

Filter Threek 13700 filter developed by Funkstill is an analog, 3-pole morphing filter with 6 CV-modulable filter types (Mode). The filter sounds clean and unfolds its raw character through its diverse waveshaping, feedback, and modulation options. The module Filter Threek 13700 offers self-oscillation, VC mode, VC resonance, linear FM, waveshaping (between the modes), two assignable CV inputs and more.

In particular, when modulating the mode in the audio domain, for example by a VCO or by feeding back its own output signal (CV1, Out> Mode), one can explore unique and dynamic sounds. With the additional 1 pole input and 2 pole output, a total of 12 different filter modes are available. The arrangement of the controls is at the same time compact and user-friendly.

Filter Threek prototyp V11