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  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Sunday, 27 October 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

The Softer Side Of The Drumkit: Moonkits by Soniccouture

  • Warm, dusty drum textures played with brushes, rods, and mallets.
  • Features 3 generative Beat Tools & preset kits + grooves


Follow through Moonkits the journey of Soniccouture to the softer side of the drumkit. 5 kits, 2 drummers, a historic live room and a classic Neve desk. Brushes, rods, mallets, sticks.Moonkits: a mission to explore the softer side of the drumkit. Brushes, but not only for Jazz. Also rods, mallets, tea sticks: anything that mellows the attack and allows the texture to sing out.

Moonkits was intentionally recorded with extra detail at low velocities, because not every track is rock’n’roll. You don’t need to smash the kit hard. Features 100+ velocity layers, real brush performances, 80 preset kits & grooves


  • Yamaha Maple 18: Damp, Open
  • Rogers Holiday 20: Damped
  • Gretsch 20: Damped, Open
  • Ludwig 22: Fluffy Beater, Wood beater
  • Slingerland 24 Damped


Articulations: centre, edge, crossstick, rimshot, brush scrape short, brush scrape long, brush flutter bounce, brush sweep performance loops

  • Pearl Steel Sensitone 13: Brush, Brush Snare off, Stick
  • Ludwig Acrolite 14: Brush, Brush Snare Off, Stick, Bundle Rods, Stick Teatowel
  • Gretsch 14: Brush, Brush Snare off, Bundle Rods
  • Ludwig 400: Brush, Brush Snare Off, Percussion Mallet, Mallet Snare Off
  • Gope 10: Percussion Mallet, Tea Stick, Tea Stick Damped


Articulations: Closed, Pedal, Half Open, Open

  • Zildjian 13 Jungle Brush, Stick
  • Zildjian 15 Avedis: Brush
  • Zildjian 14 70s Brush, Bundle Rod
  • Zildjian 14 Dry: Brush, Beater Brush
  • Sabian 10 Mini: Beater Brush, Stick


Articulations: Centre, Edge, Rimshot, Rimclick

  • Stratford 18 Brush
  • Racksnare 15 Brush
  • Rogers 13, 16 Brush
  • Gretsch 12, 16 Brush
  • Ludwig 13,16 Percussion Mallet
  • LP Timbales: Stick, Beaterbrush


Articulations: Bell, Mid, Edge

  • Zildjian 22 Constantinople: Brush
  • Zildjian 22 Avedis: Brush
  • Zildjian Kerope 22: Brush
  • Zildjian 21 Special Dry Ride: Percussion Mallet
  • Zildjian k Dark Ride 22: Beaterbrush, Stick
  • Spiral: Brush, Stick
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Moonkits Specifications

  • 16GB Library
  • 24/48khz stereo sampling
  • Up to 116 velocity layers per drum
  • Anti-repeat ’round-robin’ algorithm 
  • Brushes, rods, mallet, stick, articulations
  • Brush sweep loops syncd to host tempo
  • 3 Beat Tools drum sequencers with MIDI Drag and Drop: Euclidean Beats, Poly Beats, Beat Shifter

Availability and Pricing

Moonkits is available Now – You can leverage an intro offer 30% off, until 15th November 2019.

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