Black and White Bundle by Sampletekk

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 28 October 2019
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The Black Grand Mk II and The White Grand Sale

Audio Plugin Deals launched a next limited-time piano bundle offer featuring two amazing piano libraries from Sampletekk: The Black Grand Mk II and The White Grand. The Black and White Bundle (Affiliate Link)is available for less than two weeks.

Black and White Bundle by Sampletekk

Black Grand Mk II 

The Black Grand Mk II is a timeless Steinway D piano, which has a beautiful and warm sound and offers you 32 velocity layers per note, which is kind of insane. This piano is full-bodied, rich, and truly timeless. You can hear the warmth in every note, but none of the detail is lost, from the hammers to the pedals, every detail and sound is captured for ultimate realism. This piano is perfect for classical and cinematic music, or for soulful ballads where you really need to capture a wide, full-bodied sound.

Black Grand MkII Full Version of Kontakt needed.

White Grand

The White Grand is a bright and crisp grand piano and is absolutely perfect for pop, rock, show tunes, R&B, and more. The sound is very bright and bold, and the depth of sampling provides you with total control over your sound, from a bright and resonant shimmer to a dry and cutting sound, the crispness and detail in the entire note range is fantastic. When I hear this one I immediately think Queen, Elton John, and Billie Joel, as this piano library captures that sound perfectly.

White Grand MkII

Each of these libraries offers deep mix controls and multiple mic positions, and the built-in reverb sounds superb, but you can turn it off entirely for a completely dry sound. Check out the demos, as the sound of these libraries really speaks for itself!

Black and White Bundle by Sampletekk 1200x627

Pricing and Availability

This bundle is normally valued at $398 but will be available for just $38.90 (Affiliate Link) for a limited time only (90% off). The sale (Affiliate Link) ends at midnight (EST) on Sunday, November 10th, 2019.

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