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You can now update your Disting Mk4 with the released Firmware 4.14 and add some key features to your Expert Sleepers Tausendsassa.

Disting Mk4 Firmware 4.14

  • Added the Pulsar VCO algorithm.
  • Added the Switch algorithm.
  • Added slew parameters to the Dual Sample and Hold algorithm.
  • The MIDI Clock algorithm can now output clocks up to 24ppqn (1/96th note).
  • The VCO with linear FM, VCO with waveshaping, and Wavetable VCO algorithms now respond to incoming MIDI note messages.
  • The Quantizer 2 algorithm can now take its quantization pattern from incoming MIDI note messages.
  • Added a setting for the maximum delay time of the SD Delay algorithms.
  • Fixed some problems where incoming MIDI would stop working when saving a preset or switching to certain algorithms.
  • Fixed a problem where audio files with loop markers would not loop properly if the loop was not near the end of the file.
  • Fixed a problem with the knob recorder in the Stereo Filter algorithm.
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