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Old Blood Noise Endeavors MAW XLR PEDAL




Old Blood Noise Endeavors MAW XLR PEDALFront

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What began as a simple request for a vocal version of an Old Blood effect transformed into a multi-function device with 10 new effects, versatile in/out and send/return sections, The MAW XLR PEDAL is situated toward any instrument you want to throw at it, and ample control over all elements. It’s the new multi-tool for effects lovers on stage and in the studio.

MAW XLR PEDAL features

  • XLR preamp for use with microphone level signals
  • Switchable saturation section with a blend, volume, and tone controls
  • Two independently controlled effects sections with modulations, delays, reverbs and octaves, and controls over mix and two parameters of each
  • A send/return to patch in external effects
  • Post-saturation dry output for mixing versatility
  • Relay bypass switching with momentary or latching functionality and effects trails
  • Standard 9VDC center negative power


Boutique pedal maker Old Blood Noise Endeavors now released the earlier demoed pedal on their web site.

MAW Front

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