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Black Forest: Ambiance Generator by Dacodaji




Black Forest Ambiance Generator by Dacodaji

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Black Forest: Ambiance Generator

Black Forest: Ambiance Generator is for the UVI Falcon 2 Sampler. See at the end under Pricing for a time-limited discount code.

Black Fores Ambiance Generator

Black Forest: Ambiance Generator is filled with the potential for suspense, horror, and mystery.

The producing company Dacodaji is sound design through sampling and programming. Service to Musician, Film, and Developer. Passion for nature and science. Respect for technology.

Black Forest Godzirra
  • Contains 7 programs as starting points
  • Each program has 4 available layers
  • Each layer can be manipulated from the macro page
  • Contains the effect rack preset “BuzzFeed”
Black Forest 13th


Limited time Black Forest: Ambiance Generator is free. Use code Dacodaji at checkout.

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