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  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 5 November 2019
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Step into the sound world of composer Oliver Patrice Weder with OPW. It is a beautifully intimate composing toolkit made up of a unique blend of melodic and percussive elements, giving you both emotive, organic instruments and shimmering electronic manipulations. Released in conjunction with the composer’s debut album of the same name, these 59 presets have been carefully recorded and curated by Oliver himself, specifically with the composer in mind.

If you are a composer and worked with sample libraries you recognize Oliver who is a lead composer at Spitfire Audio in London.

The 59 presets have been carefully recorded and curated by Oliver himself, specifically with composers and music makers in mind. Inspired by Oliver’s extensive travels, this distinctive collection will add character, texture, and beauty to your scores. Featuring his own characterful prepared piano and a Wurlitzer 200A enhanced with effects pedals, discover atmospheric delays, tempo-synced electronics, dreamy pads, swells, and textures. Add rhythm and movement with raw and treated percussive one-shots and loops, or for a hint of nostalgia, choose the smoky, romantic tones of the flugelhorn.

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  • Unique organic and synthesized sounds recorded and treated by Oliver Patrice Weder
  • 59 exclusive patches, ready to make your own
  • From one-shots, loops and percussive elements to dreamy, atmospheric pads, shimmering delays, and electronics that develop over time
  • Available in our award-winning standalone plugin
  • Designed specifically with the composer in mind — enhance your cinematic scores with character, texture and shimmering atmospheric beauty

Oliver Patrice Weder’s Debut Album

Oliver Patrice Weder’s debut album, ‘OPW’, is out now on the SA Recordings website, or purchase as a digital bundle (sample library + digital album download) or a physical bundle (sample library + digital album download + limited edition 12-inch gatefold vinyl.)

I did purchase the Vinyl and Sample Library.

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About Oliver Patrice Weder

Oliver Patrice Weder is an artist whose unique musicality has been shaped by his extensive travels across the USA, Brazil, and Africa, as well as his experiences making a home in various European countries. 

Oliver Patrice Weder

Oliver discovered his love of keyboards after hearing the sound of Ray Manzarek (The Doors), and spent his formative years playing classical and jazz piano in the rainy foothills of the Alps. After recording and touring across Europe with various bands including psychedelic rock band Time for T, he studied at Valencia’s Berklee College of Music where he established his passion for film music. As well as composing for the BBC, Oliver is a lead composer at Spitfire Audio in London.  In 2017, Oliver co-scored the feature film ‘The Haunted’ and made a vlog style series Inside the Score with Spitfire Audio, documenting the entire process — from meeting the director to seeing the film shown at various international film festivals.

Oliver’s deeply personal debut LP, ‘OPW’, took shape across Europe, between Switzerland, UK, Spain, and Holland, where he lived and spent time writing and recording this intimate and powerful musical journey. It fuses a rich and unique blend of acoustic instruments and rhythms with electronic elements — from the piano, Wurlitzer, experimental strings from the London Contemporary Orchestra, flugelhorn and drum machines through to spoon solos, occasional gritty synths and percussion found in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro — adding flavor and color throughout.

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