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8Dio’s Black November Sale




8Dio Black November Sale

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8Dio has launched their early Black November Sale. Now it is a good time to get some of the leading Kontakt Instrument Libraries in the market. We are currently reviewing Century Artisan Brass and Equinox: Hybrid Action Tools. As the article is not out yet I would strongly suggest getting your hands on those two at least.

8Dio products are featured in a majority of current blockbuster movies, independent films, video games, TV-shows, Broadway productions, and the professional sports industry. 8Dio products are also used by high-profile artists, composers and top music producers in all genres.

The company was working hard in 2019 to release a large number of excellent libraries, several we did a review and are in the progress as we speak.

October 2019 “The Bible of Salsa: Volume Two”
October 2019 “Century Artisan Brass: Bundle
October 2019 “Century Artisan Brass: Flugel Horn Ensemble
October 2019 “Century Artisan Brass: Cimbasso Ensemble
October 2019 “Century Artisan Brass: Euphonium Ensemble
October 2019 “Ethnic Instrument Series: Harmonium
October 2019 “Equinox: Hybrid Action Tools
October 2019 “Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On 7 Prodigy
September 2019 “The Bible of Salsa: Volume One
August 2019 “Legion Series: 66 Cellos
August 2019 “Launching Project Free ASMR
July 2019 ‘Intimate Studio Strings V1.3
July 2019 “Legion Series 33 Drummers: Batucada
July 2019 “Anthology Strings 1.3
June 2019 “Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On 6 Jupiter-4
June 2019 “Intimate Studio Woodwinds
June 2019: “Adagio Basses – A Part of the Anthology Collection
May 2019: “Adagio Cellos – A Part of the Anthology Collection
May 2019: “Adagio Violas – A Part of the Anthology Collection
May 2019: “Adagio Violins – A Part of the Anthology Collection
May 2019: “Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On T8
May 2019: “Intimate Studio Brass
April 2019: “Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On OB-X
April 2019: “The New Studio Sopranos
March 2019: “The New AGE Bundle
March 2019: “The New AGE Volume 2
March 2019: “Legion Series: 66 Trombones
March 2019 “Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On A2600
March 2019 “Supercluster
February 2019 “The New Forgotten Voices: Terrie
February 2019 “Hybrid Tools Terminus
January 2019 “Studio Saxophone Trio
January 2019 “The New AGE Volume 1
January 2019: “Studio Vocal Roula
January 2019: “Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On CP70
January 2019: “Anthology Strings Update”

8Dio Black November Sale 2019

8Dio is the leading independent developer of software instruments and inventor of deep-sampling. Founded in 2011 by Troels Folmann and Tawnia Knox. Troels is an Academy Award, TEC/Mix Foundation, GANG, and D3 award-winning composer and Ph.D scholar in music technologies. Tawnia is the CEO of 8Dio Productions with a long-lasting career as an executive in luxury brands. Together they are set on a mission to balance artistry with engineering with equal weight. No limitations. Infinite possibilities.

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