Arturia Update V Collection to Version 7.1

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 7 November 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

V Collection 7.1 is a free update for all V Collection 7 owners

Arturia’s passionate team is always hard at work making sure you have the best music-making experience possible. V Collection 7.1 is an important update that doesn’t just improve the software, it will improve your creative abilities, and boost your confidence when using software instruments.

What Does The V Collection 7.1 Update Contain

In-App Tutorials

Many of the core instruments of V Collection 7 now feature in-app tutorials that guide you through the key features of the instrument. Learn about synthesis from within the synth itself, gain confidence as you design sounds, and discover the true power of the additional features each title brings.

Undo / Redo Function

Mistakes happen, but thanks to the new undo/redo functionality, they no longer stand in your way. Not happy with your changes? Want to compare your new patch to the original? Flick back and forth with ease, and explore sound without fear of losing anything.

Full NKS Compatibility

Good news for Native Instrument Kontrol owners, now V Collection 7 is fully NKS compliant, letting you instantly map controls and organize sounds on your controller.

Ready For Catalina

The 7.1 update makes all standalone instruments compatible with the new framework of macOS Catalina, so you can enjoy the best synth and keyboard recreations on any system.


The performance hub for all V Collection instruments is now better than ever, with a refined performance mode and workflow-enhancing tweaks to the interface.

Easy Installation

The new Arturia Software Center now lets you create an account, register your products, download them, and activate in one streamlined utility.


Update for free using the Arturia Software Center Download ASC


 Check out the main page for more information on Arturia’s flagship software instrument collection here: More info on V Collection

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