Hybrid Militia a Hybrid Scoring Toolkit

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 11 November 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Hybrid Militia (Affiliate Link) is a broad compilation of Kontakt hybrid scoring instruments for media composers spanning categories like plucks, pads, loops, and drums. Sound designed samples include braams, hybrid synths with orchestral plucks, analog bass, processed cello loops and more. In addition to 500+ custom sequence patches using our 4 new multi-part note and effects sequencer that enables a hugely useful treasure trove of video game and film scoring instruments under your disposal.

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Hybrid Militia a Hybrid Scoring Toolkit 2


Hybrid Militia is a sample library that focuses on modern scoring. It contains a large number of nki patches aim at composers who want to quickly load instruments that will sound great and provides musical playability with the option for deep tweakability.

Sound Sources

The sounds come from a variety of sources. Many loops come from Pulsesetter-Sound’s own personal arsenal of sounds that were recorded for several film projects. The cello loops for example where improvisation recordings from one of the cello players for Bear McCreary, and the percussions were also made by award-winning Los Angeles performers who also perform in many famous scores in Hollywood.

Multisample sources come from Pulsesetter-Sound hardware synth sessions they programmed for a variety of projects and were carefully selected specifically for this library.

Pulsesetter-Sound sequencer nicknamed “Old Engine” was developed with film scoring in mind. With the main page having only 5 knobs for the most useful scoring effects and then the two other pages that go into deeper tweaking.

System Requirements

  • Native Instruments Kontakt 5.7 FULL Version (will not work in Player version)
  • Mac OS or Windows OS with Kontakt Full version
  • Intel i5+ and 16gb+ of ram is recommended
  • 5gb of Hard Drive Space

Hybrid Militia Features

  • Hybrid sample library for film composers
  • 529 total patches
  • 4gb of sample content (compressed)
  • 11 drum patches with 130 sequences
  • 32 hybrid basses with 161 sequence patches
  • 6 sound design pianos
  • 32 hybrid plucks with 100 sequenced patches
  • 38 pads
  • Braams and impacts
  • Powerful complex note and effects sequencer

Availability and Pricing

Hybrid Militia (Affiliate Link) is available now at an intro price of $49.99 (will go up to $89.99)


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