Luftrum 22 for bx_oberhausen

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 12 November 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Luftrum And Stephan Baer Have Teamed Up

Luftrum 22 is a set of 80 new patches for bx_oberhausen a software recreation of the Oberheim SEM, an iconic analog classic from the mid-70s and the first official analog synthesizer by Oberheim.

Luftrum and Stephan Baer have teamed up to create a set of 80 new patches for bx_oberhausen, which is a software recreation of the Oberheim SEM an iconic classic from the mid-70s and the first official analog synthesizer by Oberheim. Luftrum 22 is a selection of buttery soft pads to crispy synth leads, fat unison basses, and analog arpeggios – all carrying the two sound designers’ signature take on the 70s analog classic.

The Oberheim SEM is a synth module with two analog oscillators and a 2-pole multimode filter. Originally created to be a backup synth for layering sounds but quickly became a favorite on its own, due to its warm and voluminous sound.

bx_oberhausen by Brainworx

bx_oberhausen by Brainworx is another emulation of Plugin Alliance from Germany. This time they come up after developing a new synth for several months with a real powerhouse the bx_oberhausen synth. With bx_oberhausen Brainworx has released its first own virtual analog synthesizer.

bx_oberhausen motivated by famous iconic synthesizers of the 70s and was accurately modeled Brainworx after real analog circuits. The bx_oberhausen features a simple, classic signal chain of two oscillators and one state-variable filter. This fine synth sounds really good to my ears.

bx_oberhausen comes with fat, and warm sounding patches and this synth has indeed a different sound for you to add to your compositions. As they have a broad product range of effects, it was only expected that this synth would benefit from the huge variety of effects developed by Brainworx. I did see that EQ, reverb, and flanger have been leveraging many of the actual effects of this excellent company.

See also our bx_oberhausen Review – a Famous Iconic Synthesizers Emulation by Brainworx.

NKS Support

Luftrum 22 is fully NKS compatible and includes NKS presets plus NKS audio preview files and also includes an installation PDF guide describing where to place the files.

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