XO by XLN Audio is getting a significant update

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 12 November 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

XO adding new features on November, 19th 2019

XO is a unique beat-making & drum sample exploration tool. The software offers a revolutionary way of organizing and browsing samples. See also our XO Review – a Revolutionary Intercosmic Way of Beatmaking by XLN Audio.

XO (Affiliate Link) by XLN Audio is a very advanced new way to deal with your large collection of drum sounds. On top of that XO includes an amazing collection of included drum sounds. The innovative way to quickly swap sounds out for similar sounding with the help of machine learning. Next, to audition the collection to confirm if it fits your needs and then drag-and-drop your midi pattern into the DAW is a huge time saver when you want to be creative and productive. XO (Affiliate Link) is worth the investment of any professional beatmaker and producer to allow us to move as fast as possible to keep up with the creativity flow. XO is the next generation for Drum Machine Synth and Drum Sequencing.

XO comes with its own integrated sequencer and sound editor. Any sound you find in XO Space quickly loads into and updates your beat. Quickly tweak individual samples or the whole kit with build-in features like Sample Edit, Pan, Envelope, Pitch and EQ, and effects like Distortion, Delay and Reverb. XO’s groove templates and accentuation tools allow you to quickly modify and tweak your beats to perfection. When you have created a groove or set of samples, drag & drop with ease straight into your DAW or OS as WAV or MIDI.

XO 1.1 New Features

Export stems as WAV

Quickly drag & drop your beat as separated stems. Straight into your DAW or OS as WAV. Separate stems give you full control over every part of your beat, even after exporting.


Create, browse and organize presets in Playlists, in the new and revamped Preset Browser. Collect your presets in genre-, or project-specific playlists, for even faster and more optimized workflow. The “New in XO 1.1” playlist features more than 100 new factories presets added in this update. XO now comes with a total of over 200 presets in a wide range of styles and tempos, making sure you’re never out of inspiring starting points or go-to beats.

Online disk monitor

The Online Disk Monitor notifies you of any changes in the sample folders you’ve added to XO, instantly re-scans and updates smoothly with the click of a button.

New file-formats

Besides the previously supported .wav and .aiff formats, you can now add .flac, .mp3, .ogg, and .wma files to XO. Browse your sounds in XO Space fast and smoothly, regardless of file format or where they are stored on your computer.

XO 1.1 goes live on November 19th, don’t forget to update through the XLN Audio online installer!

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