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Kush has just released a brand-new plugin — OMEGA MODEL TWK – 70’s TRANSISTOR CLIPPING! 

OMEGA MODEL TWK – Thick 70’s Transistors is an lovely saturation and distortion generator pulled straight from the heart of Kush’s own Tweaker hardware compressor and represents Kush’s first foray into modeling solid-state distortion!

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Model TWK’s dirt is the cumulative result of modeling the way Tweaker overdrives a long chain of 70’s op-amps, all of which have specs such as slew rate and IMD that, by modern standards, are considered abysmal. But that abysmally dirty, slow sound is exactly what makes the Tweaker such a warm, charming friend to all kinds of sounds. And at the heart of Tweaker’s op-amp chain is another friend of distortion lovers everywhere, the inimitable ‘super matched transistor’, itself a primitive and imperfect attempt to perfectly balance the push and pull of a primitive VCA.

The net effect of lightly grinding each of those clipping stages before passing it along to the next is an incredibly smooth, thick, and slightly dark saturation. And because it’s the result of a proverbial ‘house of cards’ in terms of gain staging, Model TWK (like the Tweaker itself) goes from ‘mellow and sweet’ to ‘angry and abrasive’ quite a bit faster than the other Omega Transformers, with their more forgiving, discrete tubes -and- iron circuitry.


You can download a demo version here. You need to activate the plugin when launching your DAW.


The Full Non-Expiring Software License costs $29, OMEGA TRANSFORMER MODEL TWK is included in the Kush Plugin Subscriptions ($9.99/month or $99.99/year)

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