Accusonus Black Friday Sale 2019 – up to 75% off

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 18 November 2019
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Accusonus Inc., developers of critically-acclaimed human-friendly audio technology, are running a unique Black Friday sale starting this Friday (15th Nov 2019). 

About Accusonus

Accusonus builds next-generation audio repair and music creation software. We think that audio repair should be fast, simple and accessible to everyone. We believe that computers are ideal tools for jamming, inspiring and creating the sound of the future. We develop our own patented Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology in order to enable previously unimaginable sound processing workflows. Accusonus consumer technology has been licensed to some of the world’s biggest consumer media companies and is literally used by millions of content creators every day. Accusonus is based in Massachusetts (USA) and in Athens & Patras, Greece.

Pricing and Availability

Until the 1st of December, Accusonus’ audio repair, beat making & drum mixing bundles and individual plug-ins will be available at a discounted price of up to 75% off. Great discounts are also available for existing customers looking to upgrade.


ERA 4 Bundle Standard(ERA Noise Remover, ERA Reverb Remover, ERA Plosive Remover, ERA Voice Leveler, ERA De-Esser, ERA De-Clipper)$354$99ERA 4 Bundle Pro (ERA Noise Remover, ERA Reverb Remover, ERA Plosive Remover, ERA Voice Leveler, ERA De-Clipper ERA De-Esser, ERA De-Esser Pro, ERA D) $952$299Beat Making Bundle 2 (Regroover Pro, Rhythmiq, Beatformer, All Regroover Packs)$750$199Drum Mixing Bundle (drumatom² + Beatformer)$398$149Accusonus’ All bundle$2,001$499

Individual Products

MSRPBlack Friday Week
Regroover Pro$219$119

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