Metamorpha – Allmosphere by Sound Aesthetics Sampling

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 18 November 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.


Metamorpha:Allmosphere is based on Sound Aesthetics Sampling recent library Broken Bells, which has been produced in collaboration with Erick McNerney, who is best known for his work with Beautiful Void Audio, Halflightsampling and Audio Reward. Paul took the original Bell and Bowed recordings Erick made and created a vast array of totally different sounds. From beautifully resonating Glass Pads over Soaring Sustains to even Synthesized String and Brass Ensembles and much more.

  • Powerful but simple engine
  • ASR control
  • Texturizer and Spreader Functions to make every keypress create a unique outcome
  • Dynamic purging for saving system resources
  • Simple sound browsing by either selecting via menu or jumping forward and backward by pressing the arrows
  • Based upon our library Broken Bells
  • Over 115 Patches to get you started
  • 35 Multis
  • Beautiful 3D GUI for your inspiration

Metamorpha:Allmosphere includes a few features, which help you no create a rich, full sound like the texturizer or the spread function.

Allmosphere takes the step a bit further and carries anything from Pads, Strings, Brass, Synthetic, Textures, Keys and much more, all designed only from the Broken Bells content. The core of the library is the raw sample content of course for your own sound design.

About Sound Aesthetics Sampling

Sound Aesthetics Sampling consists of a small team of sound designers and composers, bringing you inspirational and easy to use virtual instruments and sounds for NI Kontakt. All sample libraries Sound Aesthetics Sampling produces are currently focused on cinematic sound.

Metamorpha:Allmosphere Specifications 

  • 117 Kontakt patches (.nki) 
  • 36 Kontakt Multis (.nkm) 
  • 890 samples (48KHz/24bit or 48Khz/16bit) 
  • 825 mb (ncw compressed from 1,5 GB of raw data) 
  • Requires Kontakt 5.8 or higher 

Metamorpha:Allmosphere is the first in a new smaller series of libraries Sound Aesthetics Sampling is releasing. The idea behind this is to have beautiful little instruments at your fingertips that inspire you and that do not have an overcomplicated engine. The Instruments will both be based on the original recordings of a bigger library, with pushing it into a different direction mood-wise tough. But also sampled instruments, that have been recorded for this series exclusively like a Glockenspiel, various Bells, etc. 

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