• By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 18 November 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

RS-W2395c an Emulation of W2395c Hardware EQ

Fuse Audio Labs is proud to announce the availability of RS-W2395c — an authentic (and free) plugin emulation of German Audio Lab’s W2395c, itself a classic Baxandall EQ combined with a powerful mid-band filter, developed in close collaboration with Roger Schult, creator of the original hardware.

RS W2395C

Sonic Character of Analog

Transferring the circuitry and sonic character of analog authentically into the digital world after analyzing the W2395c hardware in-depth, the RS-W2395c plugin provides precise control of the mid-range combined with broad tonal shaping of bass and treble. The HF (high frequency) control is great for carving out percussive sounds, as well as opening or darkening instruments and voices. The partnering LF (low frequency) control provides a precise and solid grip on the sub frequencies, while the MF (mid-frequency) control makes managing a delicate balancing act between sounding natural and more muscular a breeze.

RS-W2395c is straightforward in operation, with those minimal controls belying its full flexibility. The LF can be switched from 80Hz to 110Hz, the HF from 2K to 5K, and the semi-parametric MF offers three different Q factors to choose from. Furthermore, the DRIVE control is a plugin-exclusive extra for adding some satisfying grit to its supernaturally-natural tone character.


With its super intuitive controls and musically interacting curves, the W2395c is a special and unique gem in the world of equalizers. It enhances anything from very dynamic sources like vocals or drums to harsh cymbals or dull sounding guitars and synths – and it does an excellent job on the mix bus as well. A truly exciting EQ experience is waiting for you… right now, all free. RS-W2395c is available for free from Fuse Audio Labs’ website.

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