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Sugar Audio releases Admiralizor – Wavetable Multi Operator Synthesizer



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Admiralizor a Wavetable Multi Operator Synthesizer

Sugar Audio has released Admiralizor Pro & Demo – the wavetable multi-operator synthesizer VST, VST3, AU & AAX audio plug-in. Admiralizor combines two synchronizable wavetable, sub, and sample-hold/track noise synthesizers with the flexibility and brilliance of a multi-operator AM / RM / FM and PM cross synthesizer.

Sugar Audio describes the synth as Admiralizor combines two synchronizable wavetables, sub and sample-hold/track noise synthesizers with the flexibility and brilliance of a multi-operator AM / RM / FM and PM cross synthesizer. The flexible 2D/3D real-time wavetable editor comes with different morphing types, harmonic editing, and a waveform generator. Import custom waveforms by use of different re-synthesization types or design/draw/generate something completely new.

Admiralizor Features

  • Admiralizor combines two synchronizable wavetables, sub and sample-hold/track noise synthesizers with the flexibility and brilliance of a multi-operator AM / RM / FM and PM cross synthesizer. The flexible 2D/3D real-time wavetable editor comes with different morphing types, harmonic editing, and a waveform generator.
  • Analog sounding and routable resonance filters including shelving filters and key follow complete the clearness of the digital synthesizers.
  • Pulse width, amplitude, ring, real phase and 4 types of frequency modulations are included.
  • Onboard is a step sequencer and arpeggiator with different pattern lengths, swing, tie, and key substitution.
  • The unison feature layers many slightly detuned waveforms to make sounds fat and wide.
  • The massive and „scroll less“ FX section contains dynamics (including compressor, expander, limiter, and gate), tremolo, pre eq, overdrive, distortion, post eq, vibrato, phaser, flanger, chorus, delay, reverb, equalizer, filter, and limiter.
  • Admiralizor contains many modulation sources (e.g. macros, LFOs featuring on/off triggering/delay/bpm, envelopes, two flexible chaos modulators) and hundreds of (aux) modulation parameters with adjustable polarity and transposition.
  • A flexible preset manager including quick presets, A/B comparison, multi filtering and text search is in-built.
  • Resizable UI from very small up to Ultra-HD & 5K Retina, multi-step undo/redo, MPE support, key hold, gain protection, auto-off and the customizable RMS meter are more than nice-to-have features.


Admiralizor is currently offered at a special introduction/black week’s price.

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