HISSandaROAR aim with SD041 TORTURED STRINGS was to rethink stringed musical instruments as though they are elaborate sound effects generators. By using experimental and non-musical techniques and articulations HISSandaROAR has managed to create and record sounds that you will not find in any other library. Some are nasty, harsh sounds that really bite, while others manipulate clustered harmonics and discordant elements to create unnerving tension.

The most obvious applications are for abstract sound design, as a rich new source for creating unique stings, impacts, transitions, and tonal material. But this is no one-trick pony, the library also contains material applicable to weapons design and projectiles, creature vocals, kawaii UI, animation and movement.

Availability and Pricing

SD041 TORTURED STRINGS is available now. use Coupon Code ‘TWANG’ for 33% early bird discount (expires Dec 1st, 2019)

Werbung / Ad
Werbung / Ad